Thursday, April 17, 2014


I don't usually use the blog for this sort of thing.

But we're legwarmer crazy around here.

And I've ordered from this company and can fully endorse their products.

Now's the perfect time to try them out for yourself...

The majority of the warmers run around $7.50.  

Which means you'll end up getting ten pairs at less than $4.00 a pop.

We love 'em under dresses and onesies.

They're great on arms under short sleeve shirts for chilly mornings in the Spring.

And they're PERFECT to have on hand for new baby gifts or gifts for little ones heading into the hospital for surgery.

Did I mention shipping is fast?  Oh, and FREE?

I don't get a dime if you visit their site.  They have no idea I'm posting about their sale.

I just like to share good and cute things with the people I like most.

Happy shopping!

Four Months!

Last year, I celebrated my birthday with a four-year-old.  And a three-year-old.  And a five-month-old.

And, if anyone had told me I'd spend my next birthday celebrating the four-month-day of my son, I'd have punched them right in the face.

Three cheers for chubby, sweet surprises.

Sorry this month's shot was taken in your noodie pants.

But you don't have a room yet.

You share a closet with your sister...who has a double ear infection and is still asleep.

And there's no way we're waking her Royal Nastiness up.

So today we shall commemorate your sweet little man boobers.

And celebrate the four month anniversary of our very first kiss.

Happy Four Month Day, Gebbalicious.

Keep the cute comin'.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

C'mon, Biggs

When your sister comes at you with an orange marker, you could at LEAST put up a fight.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Compelling Evidence

Today my eyeglasses and iPhone went missing.

I'm no detective.

But I have some suspects in mind.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coming Clean

In the interest of accountability, I'm letting you all know of a series of blog posts I need to write.

And I expect you to hold me to my promise of writing them.

I won't say that the previous posts about our family have been dishonest.  They most certainly have not.

But they've been less than direct where one member is concerned.

I've quite simply avoided articulating how autism influences our daily lives around here.

And it's been a purposeful omission.

Mainly because I know lots of new and expectant families peek into our lives to sample a taste of what life with children who have Down syndrome might be like.

And I don't want to confuse their understanding of how gorgeous that life can be.

But I also don't want to continue to overlook the aspects of Biggs that truly define the little boy he is.

Before the post series begins, there are a few disclaimers I need to share.

1.  We are not made victims by life with autism.

2.  We are not made remarkable by life with autism.

3.  You may see your own child in our description of life with autism.  That doesn't mean your child has autism.  Jace has many behaviors that are present because he's a child with significant developmental disabilities whose cognitive abilities are lower than most children his age with Down syndrome.

4.  Life with Down syndrome and autism is often heartbreakingly difficult.

5.  Life with Down syndrome and autism is often heartbreakingly beautiful.

Living with a diagnosis we didn't anticipate and often don't understand has presented exhausting challenges.  But when we've dealt honestly with the fact that Jace is a little boy with autism things have become better.  I think it will make our blog better, too.

As I organize my approach to sharing what it's like being the Biggs, you're welcome to email any specific questions to us at the address listed on the right sidebar of the blog.  

I truly hope you'll do it.

It'll help me know what might be most helpful to other families stumbling along in their own experience of this dual diagnosis.  And if it helps you love and support someone living with Down syndrome and autism....even better.

Looking forward to having you join us on some of the adventures you've been missing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Can You Hear Me Now?

This week has been devoted to improving the hearing of Squib One and Squib Two.

Biggs has had blech draining from his right ear for months with little help from drops or antibiotics.  Our ENT suspected an infected ear tube was to blame, so he was going in to have his tubes removed and determine whether a new set could be placed.

Pudge had a retracted ear drum that had been sucked in long enough to tangle itself up in her middle ear bones.  So she was going in to have the ear drum returned to its normal position if it hadn't already permanently attached itself to the bones.

We started Monday at the hospital in order to check in with anesthesiology.  Pudge and Biggie's heart histories mean surgeries always require an additional pre-operative visit.

Geb, LC, Biggs and I loaded up the wagon and headed in to have their squibby vitals checked.  We left the Effbomb behind with a sweet friend, since Effie's latest means of communicating the slightest twinge of displeasure is screaming like a siren.

The squib elders entertained themselves in the usual fashion and were delightfully cooperative.  Pre-op went off without a hitch.
(Don't miss Gebbity at the bottom of the shot.  Sweet, fuzzy little fan club member.)

At home we took the obligatory bedtime bath before surgery...

...and then the surgical candidates and I snuck out before dawn to make sure we made it to the hospital for our 6:00 a.m. check in time.

(We always wear bathrobes on surgery day.  Might as well, since they're comfy and cozy and they make us nekkid down anyway immediately upon arrival.)

There was some pre-surgical Backyardigans boogie-ing...

...and the usual squib debate about who would go first.  (Biggs drew the short straw.)

And the results?

Biggs' ENT was surprised to find no tube in the horribly infected ear.  Just a large, infected hole in the eardrum.  So he had all sorts of goop sucked from his melon and will go back in four weeks to reassess and determine what steps will happen next.

Pudge also had some surprises waiting, since both eardrums were wrapped around the inner ear bones.  Tubes were successfully placed and hopefully her hearing will be improved in both ears as a result.  Thanks to the amount of manipulating that went on inside her ears Pudge experienced her first post-surgical barf bag, but she bounced back quickly.

In typical fashion, by suppertime LC was ordering the Mexican combo platter and eating her weight in guacamole. usual...was still drunk as a skunk at 7:00 this evening.

We're thankful to have another day of surgeries behind us.  This is the eighth ear surgery between the two and we would be delighted if, indeed, eight was ENOUGH.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just a Picture...

...of sweet Gebbity Fred.

Because when your mom puts you in bed at 9:00 p.m....

...and you don't wake up until 8:00 a.m...

...two nights in a row... get your very own blog post.

Every day Mommy has a new favorite.

You're starting this one off as the front runner, Gebbity.  Keep it up.