Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Gifts...

We are celebrating our Christmas in Kansas City as a trio this year. We're under voluntary quarantine but due to a very good (and chubby and pink) reason! It was our first Christmas gift of the season. We had to have a last minute cardiology appointment due to some concern by LC's pediatrician about a sudden and uncharacteristic weight gain. She and I went downtown to Children's Mercy on Christmas Eve and received a Christmas surprise...her "cardiologist" (quotation marks due to the appointment with yet another unvisited cardiologist...this time Dr. puts our count up to five now...) will be referring her to the cardiac surgeons on January 2nd as a candidate for surgery. We'll get a call on the 2nd to hear what date has been set but anticipate it happening within the month of January. Undergoing the surgery during the middle of cold and flu season won't be ideal, but neither would waiting as her success up to this point has been due to some pretty impressive compensation she's set up on her own. She's been contracting around her lungs to try and ease the job of her heart and it's why she was able to come home from the NICU after birth without requiring heart medication. Her ability to maintain an elevated chest pressure is very helpful to her heart, but the contracting she's doing to create it will be a source of concern after her surgery. Her body will continue to try to maintain a higher chest pressure than will be necessary and is one of the main and most serious complications following her type of cardiac repair. If you'd specifically list that aspect of recovery in your prayers for LC during the coming weeks, we'd be extremely grateful.

The next Christmas surprise came when LC and I arrived home from the big appointment...
She has a social security number!!!
So far, finalizing LC's adoption, establishing any social security benefits and receiving any medical assistance has been completely on hold due to the hospital never applying for a SS number for her. We have continually felt SO blessed to have her Ohio family join ours, but in this situation they completely saved our lives and went through hassle, legwork and expense to obtain a number for LC in Ohio. I have never been so in love with a nine digit number.
And, of course, so many gifts of the wrapping paper variety...
Speaking of our Ohio is LC basking in the loot they sent her for Christmas. God Bless that family for their talent in selecting fabulous headwear. That hat she's wearing had me squealing with delight.

Here's another favorite from Nana Cam...I LOVE this duck. That's it. That nursery's theme is gonna be pink and ducks and there's nothing Justin can do to change my mind. Quite a bit he could do to change my budget, but very little to change my mind...

Merry Christmas to You All from

Justin, Courtney and

Little LC Boom Boom!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Toobie-Free Photo Shoot

LC's toobie came out before we had any replacements delivered so she got a few hours' toobie vacation for Christmas. I took some pictures while it was out...not because she looks any prettier without it, mind you...but because she looks like such a big girl in her first pair of slacks! (The sweater conveniently hides the THREE times they're rolled over at the waist).

It's also a good opportunity to show off the beautiful afghan we received from one of LC's Ohio fan club members...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Party with the DSG

LC's definitely a Heigele. She loves a good party. This weekend we were able to go to the Christmas party the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City organizes annually. We had a great time and even ran into our good friends, Aidan, Alayna, Maggy and Max! The best part was being able to bring along Nana Cam, GG Grace, Curtie and Auntie Whit. We were quite a party wagon, let me tell you...

LC in her Christmas dress...

Seeing friends at the party...

Aidan and Alayna!!!
Maggy and Max!!!

...even Santa Claus!!!

Curtie and Auntie Whit came along, too...

And GG Grace took us out for milkshakes and lunch after the party!

Then we came home to find Christmas goodies in the mail from our Ohio family. They even maintained our Christmas theme and sent LC a pink Christmas stocking and pretty pink packages. Are we spoiled or WHAT?

What a busy day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

Well, not school wasn't cancelled as the 95 other schools in our area were, but on my way to Eudora I got (repeatedly) stuck and after being slid into by another vehicle decided I'd rather head home than press my luck any further.

Luckily, I was able to see Curtis and LC experience their first snowfall!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Decorating for Christmas...

I like to choose a color or theme for our Christmas decorations and then make the ornaments for our tree, etc.

Last year we had red and white and filled our house with THOUSANDS of various peppermint candies.

This year we let LC choose the theme...

Getting Ready for Christmas

Working To Redeem Myself...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago today (on a similarly snow-covered Saturday) Justin and I tied the knot in a tiny prayer chapel in Leawood...

The day may have escaped us unobserved were it not for a glorious surprise from our dearly beloved Ohio fan club members. We received a package in the mail that we check once a week after drawing for straws to see who has energy left enough to trek the 70 feet down to the mailbox to fetch it.

I could tell by Justin's panic-stricken expression upon opening the box that something was up, but when i realized the occasion of the gift my face quickly matched his. It's amazing how long it can take a frantic brain to establish the date when the threat of having forgotten your wedding anniversary is looming over your head. Luckily, we had checked the mail just in time for me to post a Happy Anniversary message with photos to look semi-prepared for the big day. Once again, kellymom and cindybuns save the day.

This one is especially sweet, since it also marks the two month birthday of LC Boom Boom!

Happy anniversary, Justin Leo...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker
Glitter Graphics Maker & MySpace Layouts

If you haven't had the chance, please visit Alayna at her mom's super blog!
We are among Alayna's biggest fans and you will be AMAZED at what this kid is doing. (That brother of hers will knock your socks off, too...)

Keep our buddy in your prayers, if you would...they're obviously working!!

Sweet, huh?

What a great family snapshot...
...right up until you read the "Catching LC's Vomit" caption.

Oh, the secrets my couch holds since the arrival of Boom Boom...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ball Pit

It's amazing the fine line that can be walked between stimulating infant activity and corporal punishment...