Monday, October 26, 2009

More Step Up for Down Syndrome Shots...

What a PARTY!
We were SO excited when Ian came and joined the fun!
He's in our baby class at IDC and his mom and dad were brave enough to join us for the day!

Some of the cutest pigtails at the party!
LC hasn't been her sunshine-y self lately, but Alayna MORE than compensated for her buddy.
Alayna was 18 pounds of CHARISMA and definitely the life of the party.
Surrounded by some of my all time favorite students...
Getting some snuggles in before the big walk began...
I'm not sure what poor Jason has done to deserve the evil eye LC is shooting him in this photo. I'll have to look into that...
Clearly, Alayna did NOT share her buddy's sentiment.

We were delighted to share some cute with the local news station....

...and LC took quick advantage of having Daddy to snuggle and snooze with during the athletic portion of the festivities.

After the walking portion, LC and Alayna were showered in birthday gifties.

And our party continued when our buddies, Max and Maggy, stopped by the house to say hello on their way home from celebrating with their team, "Max's Birthday Bash".

Our first Step Up for Down Syndrome event left us feeling super celebrated.
We hope you'll be able to join us for the fun again next year!!!
Thanks for pictures blatantly stolen from or shared by Jen Sweany, Rochelle Cannon and Sarah Brumfield. We absolutely loved celebrating with you!


  1. Sniff... it looks like a very fun day. Sniff, sniffle, sniff.

    Self pity aside, I'm so glad it was a pretty day and you had SO many super wonderful people there with you!

  2. Looks like a SUPER day!! Your event is a lot bigger than it for the entire KC metro area?
    Glad you all had fun! The girls looked super cute in their tutus =)

  3. I vote that this becomes a quarterly event!

    Thanks again for such a great time and ordering such beautiful weather. :)

  4. Oh so cute. We are all LOVING the peacock video. So cute - the baby and the costume!!

  5. Wow that is awesome. The event looks huge!!! Love your comments and glad you were able to have such a great day. Congrats!!!

  6. It looks like you all had a blast! How wonderful!! ~Courtney

  7. what a great day, and your buddy walk t-shirts are way cooler than ours were.

    Oh, and the peacock suit, classic. It didn't sound like LC agreed though!!

  8. Oh I can't believe we couldn't be there. It looks like it was soooo much fun!
    Whatever comes next year we will always be there in spirit cheering our favorite cuties!!!


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