Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today was LC's last day with the Traveling Afghan. She started feeling sick and yucky about the time the afghan arrived for its visit, so we had to Ziploc bag it until she felt better. LC's been visiting the duck park lately and thought that would be a nice spot to take one last photo opportunity with the softie celebrity.

It was still a little chilly this morning, so LC was happy to have the cozy jacket Rowan sent her. It was JUST right.

(Just look at her...all bright eyed and giddy with duck-feeding anticipation. Clearly, she and I have different opinions about the fun factor possessed by a loaf of white bread.)

Here come the troops...I think they recognize LC's melodious roaring now. They came from clear across the pond when they heard her lilting razzberries.

I can't figure out this relationship.
This goose doesn't offer to gobble up the bread.
Just stands close to LC and makes eye contact for an uncomfortable length of time.
Hisses at me whenever I move...just stares at the kid.
More prolonged eye contact.

LC showing excellent sportsmanship, applauding Goosie's win in today's Staredown.

When our bread supply was tapped out, we took the afghan for a final swing...

Thanks for sharing the afghan with us! We felt so lucky to be a part of its amazing adventures!


  1. Hey!

    That's a Canada Goose and it was bringing a message of love from Leo that LC should come for a visit someday!!!

    Looks like a fun day at the park. Can't wait til it's our turn with the afghan.

  2. Adorable pictures! I love LC's coat!!

  3. oh so cute. LC looks like she love sthe ducks sometimes and other times she is not so sure. I love that you got to use the afghan and that she felt better. I can't wait until I get it!!

  4. She looks so fly in her leggings and little boots along with the little fluffy white coat and her bow! You always dress her so adorable! She obviously was having a great time out there with those geese! Good thing she has such a good relationship cause I know what you mean about the hissing! Cool that you got the opportunity to participate in the Traveling Afghan project!

  5. What a cute outfit and a fun visit for the afghan.

  6. hi there - could you please let me know when you received the afghan (date) - just for the record on the t21 map (,-92.087402&spn=81.815406,158.027344&z=3)

    thanx, ben

  7. Hey, I'm confused. I've heard about the traveling pants but what's this about a traveling afghan?


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