Monday, November 30, 2009

Stranger Danger and Sick, Sick, Sick

LC has recently developed an acute case of Youaren'tmydaddyphobia. So, you'll have to excuse the lack of photographs celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday. Most simply show Pudge with her bottom lip quivering, daring her Dad to leave her sights and trigger the screamfest that will inevitably follow.

To her credit, we also learned this morning at Dr. Winburn's office that LC has a double ear infection and a sinus infection to boot. AND 2 new back teeth have cut their way into her her party of six is quickly becoming a party of eight.

But, I assure you. It's an UGLY and wholly UNFRIENDLY party.

Since we had to miss Baby Class due to chronic crankiness and fever, we managed a few shots advertising the delightfully miraculous effects of Baby Tylenol (once the darn stuff had kicked in...)

A friendly smile, thanks to Baby Tylenol and a mom-prescribed Hostess cupcake.

Delighting in the prospect of shocking her dad with near-noodie shots on the internet...

...and showing off her tough-stuff thighs after her monthly double whammy Synagis injections.
She wanted to show off every inch of her pudginess.
She weighed in this morning at 17 pounds and 1 oz!
We didn't find out Pudge's length.
(Some things are better left unsaid.)

Since we were bringing some new furniture into the room next to LC's, we had to make sure she didn't feel left out.
This is her new bedtime story booth.

She's a big fan.
Now we're off to put the beastie to bed and hope the rumors of explosive diarrhea the pharmacist charmed us with regarding LC's antibiotics will prove untrue.
Or that the bowels will at least hold until Dad's home.


  1. LC, aren't Daddy's the best. I'm into my Mom and Dad equal, but don't go to many others either. Love your new reading booth and the fact that it is Pink, Pink, Pink. Have you read the book called "Pinkalicious"? I think you would love it! It is a favorite of mine!

  2. We missed you girls today:(! Hope she is feeling SO much better soon. YEAH on the weight WOO HOO pudgie you are living up to your name!
    LOVE the smile on her new reading couch! Oh so pink and oh so fun.

  3. We missed Pudge today at class. Glad to see that she is on the mend and we LOVE her new story booth.

    Hopefully, she can make the Holiday program on Wednesday!

    Kim and Eli

  4. I hope you get better soon LC! Addy has a HORRIBLE ear infection and the awesome explosive poos antibiotic too! Poor Missouri, hope their landfills are strong!

  5. Oh LC I just want to reach through the computer and pinch your pudginess! Great job on that weigh in girl! Three cheers for baby tylenol! What would a mama do without it? Oh, and the pink reading bench is totally YOU!

  6. Found you through Lucy Kate's blog. I'm a fellow open-heart surgery haver and boy, LC's zipper looks great!

  7. Heres hoping pudge feels better soon. lookin awfully sexy in the diaper though!

  8. We so know that phobia. Poor V has a virtual meltdown every time Daddy gets anywhere close to the door.
    Your pudgeness is about to overtake the V man, he's at 26 pounds as we speak. and that took 4 years to get!
    We're jealous of your belly rolls girl!


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