Monday, August 31, 2009

Why LC's Popularity with Barney and Roobie is Rising...

Mellow Music Monday

Click album covers to link to a listen...
Song: River God
Album: Recollection
Artist: Nichole Nordeman
Song: God Only Knows
Album: Pet Sounds
Artist: The Beach Boys

Song: Good Thing (Angels Running)
Album: Angels Running
Artist: Patty Larkin

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boom Boom Buddy Updates...

Our sweet buddy Laiken (who had open heart surgery on the 28th) is breathing on her own and hoping to relocate to a private suite as a reward for her amazing progress!

You can follow sweet Laiken's recovery at her blog, Monkey Love. (It's on our blog list). Or, as usual, just click on her photo and it'll take you over for a visit.

We're thinking of you, Laiken, and can't wait to hear that you're headed home! a two-for-one special...our Curtie's Aunt Jill graduated out of ICU and will undergo another surgery tomorrow (Sunday) morning...we're sending her lots of prayers and wishes for a quick return back home!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Take Them Old Records Off the Shelf...

Ooooooooooooooooooooo...we love our handsome Curtie. Mental note to purchase itty bitty Ray-Bans for Christmas...

Here's the update we received for Curtie's Aunt Jill, from my sister:
Her Sunday surgery went well. The infectious disease doctor paid her a visit and heard a potential heart murmur that could have been caused by the bacteria in the blood (because her blood was infected when she went into the hospital). So I guess it could have caused some problems with one of the valves, but he's not certain if that's the case or if her heart just skipped a beat or whatever. So they'll keep checking. She's still in ICU and (Jill's mom) didn't know when she would be moved out. So there you go!

Thanks to all our Boom Boomers who continue to remember Jill in your thoughts and prayers!

LC's Latest Critter...

No worms this time. We're moving up the food chain.

Last night while he was grilling supper, Justin was visited by a turtle on the patio. We haven't had a turtle visit since our house turtle, Sherman, ran away last summer.

So this was VERY exciting...

Since our turtle buddy wasn't very keen on LC's invasion of his personal space...

LC had to settle for meaningful eye contact.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
After enjoying a disinfecting bubble bath, some play time with LC and a banana snack, it was time to send Mr. Turtle on his way.

But, what do you know! He turned right around and headed back for the house for one last good bye.

LC provided a very enthusiastic send off.
Good bye, Turtle Buddy! Go! Venture forth! Be free!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Pile of Pictures...

In celebration of our first day back at school!

After a few weeks of vacation, our next session of Baby Class at the Infant Development Center has officially begun.

LC strapped on her new school shoes...
...and was so excited to be welcomed by our best buddy, Alayna, in the waiting room!

We can't believe what a long, lean machine Alayna became since we saw her last. Hmmmph. So much for HER membership in the 24 inch club.

Of course, we quickly forgave her growth spurt and headed to the music's a definite favorite and LC made sure the twinkly lights for the cool down song were right where she had left them.

Today was an especially good music day, since they played with shakers AND got a chance to sit on the big drum!

After music our class went to a new room for occupational therapy time. Miss Ann (our group teacher) had a long light toobie for all the buddies to play with.

This is handsome Ian...holding his head up like a CHAMP...

...and this is sweet Eli. (LC and I call him Winston Churchill, though...because he has a VERY distinguished look about him. We think he'd make a fine diplomat.)

After the toobie time finished, all the buddies got to decide which toy they'd like to play with.

Alayna and Ian preferred to socialize during this time. Alayna LOVED to watch Ian's mom, Agnes. She just couldn't take her eyes off Agnes' pretty face.

LC decided to see what the fuss was all about, but gave Ian's dad a more hands on evaluation.

When it was time for Speech therapy, Alayna decided she was ready for a snack. Miss Ann was JUST the flavor she was looking for.

LC couldn't be bothered with taking a nibble of Miss Ann during their time together. She was very busy working on a puzzle with shapes.

This next photo illustrates my FAVORITE moment of the day, by far. Alayna is soft and sweet and the calm that balances LC's crazy. So I couldn't be more tickled to sit and watch as she mimicked all the gestures that the speech therapist, Therese, was doing during her talk with us. Therese had NO idea what show I got to watch beside her and I was tickled to see Alayna playing the part of class clown.
After baby class LC was worn out from all the action and wading through all that CUTE for 90 minutes. So, back home we went for a THREE hour nap.
What a busy day!

Yet Another Submission... the Bed Head Hall of Fame Gallery...

This is where an 11:00 a.m. wake up time will get ya.

Catching Up on the Weekend...

We had a fun weekend with the Heigeles in town. On Saturday night, LC got to go for a swim at the hotel where her boys (Hayden, Holden and Harrison) were staying the night. They were pooped from a busy day at Worlds of Fun, but still had enough energy to take her for a few laps around the pool.

On Sunday, Grandpa Fred and Grandma Janet joined the fun. We all had lunch together, which is always a treat...

LC...making sure Grandpa and Grandma's lunch date stays platonic...
Hayden, showing off new shoes and feet that are bigger than his Uncle Justin's...

Grandpa Fred...just trying to make it through the afternoon...

Holden's garnish...inspired by Grandpa Fred's beverage...

LC eating worms...again...her boys brought her a more sanitary option.

Harrison, secretly hoping LC doesn't snatch that sunglasses pin off his shirt. (Sweet boy that he is, he gave LC the pin to take home anyway!)

After lunch, we headed to a fantasy football draft with some of our favorite friends and their respective munchkins. Loren's dad, Bryan, organized the league with the brilliant idea of pitting couples against one another. How will the marriage last?
It was a VERY welcome invitation. This will be the first year I'm not assigning football teams to each of my students and I was very much dreading the thought of a season without my Touchdown Tuesdays. I'm sure this league (and the presence of Adrian Peterson on my roster) will help ease the pain.

Loren and LC, hanging out on the sofa. (Note Loren's use of physical comparison to reinforce her concern about LC's teeny feets.)

LC's Daddy...keeper of the draft board...




(I'm sure this is the cutest football draft party I've ever attended.)
I think the season will be a fun one (and not only because my roster puts Justin's to SHAME). LC is definitely pooped from the big day...10:30 a.m. and still snoozing like a champ. Reason enough for another draft party next week, I'm thinking...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Blossoming Buddy...

Here are LC and Loren at their first get-together...

LC was bigger at first, but Loren QUICKLY caught up...

They were similar-sized buddies for awhile...

...but those days are clearly over.
Look at our big, beautiful buddy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

To Kellymom...

One year ago (yesterday) we welcomed a third member into our family...365 (err...366) days later we're still celebrating Kellymom's compulsive decision making and lack of sound judgment.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Biggest Boom Boom Buddy...

This is Cousin Curtie's Aunt Jill.

She's a rockstar.

She's also very special to Curtie because Jill and Curtie share a birthday.

You probably don't notice, but Curtie's Aunt Jill has her left leg amputated. A few years ago she had a spider bite that opened her body up to a staph infection. She was in the hospital for a long time and finally lost part of her leg in hopes of getting some of her life back.

Curtie told us that Aunt Jill had to take an ambulance to the ICU last night because she had an extremely high fever. Her left leg seems to be the culprit, and things are very scary in that department right now.

Aunt Jill is VERY important to Curtie's family and to OUR family, too. She always cheers for LC and sends LC sweet surprises.

Would you please remember Aunt Jill today and send up lots of prayers to her? If you'd like to send a card, note, etc. just email us at and we can help make that happen.

Thank you ever so much...

Updated: Aunt Jill's leg was infected again...she's recovering from surgery in ICU and will return to surgery again on Sunday to make sure the infection was removed. They removed tissue from her leg, but were able to keep the bone intact. These procedures are awfully painful, so thanks again for all the encouraging thoughts and prayers you're sending Jill's way...

L'il Miss BigStuff

Mmmm...legwarmers and Elmo shoes. My favorite combination.

LC's been wearing orange hairbows a lot lately. I figure we might as well start coordinating with the ever-present Cheetos dust.