Thursday, March 25, 2010

Splish Splash

Zip loves sweet potatoes.

Luckily, Zip and Pudge ALSO love baths.
 Yes, that's Zip in a Bumbo seat.
Yes, it's in the tub.
Yes, the product warning label CLEARLY indicates they're not intended for tub usage.
No, we're not planning to discontinue the practice any time soon.

Because that little seat is all that's keeping Jace's precious jewels attached to his body now that LC has noticed "one of these things is not like the other".

Actually, she's noticed a few of these things are not like the other.

And she's bound and determined to collect them all and keep them in a box under her bed.

So, we're willing to risk the possibility of a Bumbo floating episode over a genital removal episode.

Parenthood.  It's a gamble.

LC likes overseeing Jace's follicle treatments. 
She's recommended a deep conditioner.

She's worried she saw the early signs of dandruff...
Jace was clearly insulted by the accusation.

Calamari for one.

Jace loves to snuggle in a warm towel after he's been thoroughly de-potatoed.

Others in the family prefer to air dry.


  1. The picture of LC standing and laughing in the tub is so very cute! :)

  2. Oh, this made my Friday morning! You're always good for giggles over here! :)

  3. Aaaack! Bath time fun!!! Lucy has given Brodie a tug once or twice, but is largely uninterested. Brodie, however, is absolutely *enthralled* with what he's got! Hee hee hee. Boys! Should be fun!

  4. I love how Jace's hair is so fluffy when he's nice and clean. And I think the bumbo in the tub is a great idea!

  5. so rebellious w/ the bumbo seat. I was never brave enough to try it out w/ Marissa. I LOVE all the photos. The hair inspections are the best! Too cute. :-)

  6. LOL....I love this post:) They are too cute! No criticism here......I love your creativity (I'll have to make note of this:) Very cute!!

  7. We totally used the bumbo in the tub too! It was a life saver!

  8. Courtney, you always keep me giggling with your adorable kids over here! My husband and I just sat and watched your videos...LOVE them!! :)

    By the way...what a GREAT idea using the bumbo in the tub! Colin is still in a recliner (since his slippery little tush slides all over hte place to sit up) so I'm going to try it out tomorrow! Thanks!

  9. I just wanted to say I love your blog. Your writing ALWAYS makes me laugh and when I need a good laugh, I head over here. Your babies are adorable and I love to see them grow. It gives me such hope for my own peanut!

  10. That is the funniest post I've read in a while. Love the photos! Just hilarious! They must make you crack up a lot!


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