Friday, October 15, 2010

21 For Pudge

1.  LC is not a fan of the morning. I can count on one hand the number of times that girl has been conscious and alert before 9:00 a.m. of her own accord.

2.  LC is a huge music fan.  Her favorites are Pandora's Doo Wop channel and anything by Ray LaMontagne.

3.  LC has five pairs of red shoes. All fire engine red. All mary janes.

4.  As much as she loves sweets, she'd bypass any of them if you offered her a simple Lay's potato chip.

5.  When LC goes to sit in time out, she's confined to serve her time in a purple 19 gallon bucket.

6.  Nothing soothes LC like a thunderstorm. The louder, the better. If the sky is filled with lightning and the house shakes with thunder, I've seen her sleep well past noon. You can walk in her room, turn the lights on...nothing. The girl is lulled to sleep by the sound of natural disasters. I think she feels entitled to take a break, since her usual position has been filled for the day.

7.  LC has rooms full of beautiful, battery-operated toys and goodies. Her hands-down favorite? An old-fashioned spinning top.

8.  LC loves her reflection. Her reflection is an entirely separate entity called "That Girl." And, anytime LC is asked to eat, wear, do something new she will physically move herself to do it in front of the mirror. She loves to watch That Girl experience new things.

9.   LC has a one-word vocabulary. "Dah". That's it. And, it's apparently all that she needs. She has delivered 1,000 word soliloquies...complete with dramatic hand gestures...all with that syllable alone.

10.  I am convinced LC walked as early as she did because it was the only way she could figure out how to get contraband objects into the toilet without Justin or me knowing about it.

11.  There are two ways to take a shower in our house...with LC staring up at you from the bottom of your shower, or with LC's face staring at you pressed to the glass door of your shower. Those are your only options. Showers and baths are her obsession.

12.   LC bites. Hard...and frequently. So far her victim list includes her brother, school buddies, nursery workers, her brother, each of our dogs, her mother, her brother, and multiple attacks on her speech therapist. Justin remains unscathed.

13. LC's pain tolerance is freakishly high. I have lost track of the number of times I have found her with blood-soaked clothing and had to find the source of the bleeding myself because she is too busy babbling and playing. Most often, she's bitten through her cheek or tongue without noticing. Try to teach "biting hurts" to THAT kid.

14.  Keep your juice. Unless it's Cran-Grape, she's not interested.

15.  LC can climb up stairs in a flash.  She can also climb the ladder for the slipper slide at the park speedy quick.  But, she refuses to go down steps. She won't lower herself to anything as undignified as crawling down them and refuses to descend until she can do it on her own two feet.  This has led to many trips down many flights of stairs on her face.  No matter.  (See Fact #13.)

16.   LC has an ever-growing signing vocabulary. Her most frequently used signs are: Mickey Mouse, chips, bath, drink and candy.

17.  LC is always on the phone, since everything qualifies as a phone for LC. Play phones, remote controls, shoes, dolls, dental floss...everything is pressed up to her ear to reach out and touch someone. The only consistency is who she's always calling. Yup. Justin.

18.   LC has used a verbal "ma-ma" once. To request the movie "Monsters, Inc." So "dah" means everything. Except for when she uses "ma-ma". To mean "monster."

19.  At the end of the day, when all is said and done, LC adores her brother.

20.  LC is perpetual sunshine, but we never heard her laugh out loud until she was 17 months old. Even though I've been enjoying it for over 7 months now, the sound of her giggle still stops my universe for a second whenever I hear it.

21.  LC is thousands of blessings I never deserved wrapped up in a tiny, tooth-filled naughty cyclone of chaos. Every night I pray the angels don't stumble upon the accounting error that was made, because LC is so much more wonderful than anything I would have qualified to receive.

Thank God for jumbled paperwork.
Happy October, Pudge.

We love you to the moon.


  1. LC, you seemed to have been placed into the hands of one proud Mommy!

  2. Courtney that was so perfect. I've been hoping to do this for Em too, but it would never be as beautiful as yours.

  3. Courtney, you are truely amazing and that's that!! Love the keep up with you and your life!! Thanks sooooo much for sharing. <3

  4. Love this list, I am with you on #20, I was so super excited the other day when she giggled for me!

  5. I love reading your posts! They make me laugh and get a little teary too. Thank you!

  6. Oh My Goodness Do I Love Your Blog!!!! It is simply the BEST!!!!!

  7. I absolutely love your little "accounting error" and can attest that she does, in fact, LOVE her mom. I have witnessed the aftermath of your absence. It's not pretty.

  8. M will settle for a pretzel above all candy day or night. Unfortunately, she doesn't have that same high pain tolerance as she took a topple down our stairs today, only made it down 5 before I caught her arm & nearly ripped it off to catch her. Little LC surely loves her mama, you were a perfect fit for your princess!

  9. BEST PICTURE EVER!! That last one there. Reading your list has made me simply fall in love with her immediately. I was already slowly doing it with each post I read but this one just sums everything up!! She is awesome!!

  10. Oh- you all are the best show around I swear. I laughed, I cried. I wanted to kiss your sweet heads. Bless that little monster-mama-loving soul. And bless your kind head and heart for singing her praises.

  11. Love and identify with number 21. Makes me tear up! I know the feeling :-)

  12. Pure sweetness! I laughed, I cried, I 'aww'd' - and if you ever need to have an early morning wake up call, I can always lend you Rowan. ;)


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