Thursday, October 21, 2010

Buzz Lightweight

Today was surgery day. 

LC's procedure (involving an IV and the placement of ear tubes) took less than 30 minutes.  Despite weighing in at 2 pounds less than her brother, LC required TWICE the sedative to stay under for her surgery that was a QUARTER the length of her brother's procedure.  And, despite the increased sedative, LC left the operating room sitting up in her bed signing "thank you" to her surgical team.  Less than 10 minutes after leaving the OR, Stone Cold Pudge walked herself back to meet me in her recovery room, grinning from ear to ear.
And then there was Biggs.

Jace was in for a triple threat, having tubes placed, a hypospadias repaired, and a re-circumcision performed.  It took only the slightest bit of sedative to COMPLETELY zonk the boy out.  30 minutes after his two hour surgery he was STILL sleeping.  So, they woke him to make sure he could take fluids and hold some food on his belly before allowing him to go home. 

I will never again take Jace in for a surgery without making sure a video camera is at hand for the recovery room show.

The boy was drunk as a skunk.  He was making expressions I had never seen before.

Thanks to the (two) caudal blocks he received, he couldn't feel anything from the waist down.  And, after the significant amount of inner ear manipulation he unexpectedly required, his balance was COMPLETELY off.  So, he spent his time in recovery with a white knuckle grip on his bed rails, wobbling back and forth, laughing like a hyena.

And, after a four hour snooze during the car trip home?

He's still completely inebriated.

We're on hour number ten of cross-eyed, goofy-giggling, "Does anybody else see the monkeys on the ceiling" behavior.
Note to self:  LC will not be serving as hostess for Jace's 21st birthday party.


  1. You are just so funny! God bless, and I hope that your babes have a quick recovery...

  2. I'm so glad that both surgeries were a success! I find myself both surprised and yet not at all surprised by the HUGE difference in the way sedation affects those two. I am glad you enjoyed the show!

    BTW, what were the surgeries for?

  3. So funny! Emily is quite funny after anesthesia too...she always looks at me with a funny grin and I wonder exactly how many Mommies she actually sees!

  4. SOO happy that everything went well (except the ear thingy)and so glad to see their smiling faces. Hopefully Jace will be steadier tomorrow!

  5. Glad you are all home. Oh Jace you are a party animal. Hope you all sleep well tonight.

  6. those 2 kiddos are just as crazy as they come. LC sure can handle her own, can't she. Too bad you didn't have video of Biggs, the pictures alone are priceless...a video would've been hilarious!

  7. That is too funny! However, it sounds like the surgeries went well, so that's good!!

  8. You never fail to make me laugh... Thank you for a big big smile before bed tonight. I hope they both have a quick recovery!!!

  9. Ha! Glad everything went in and came out alright! Whew....Um- and I'd keep your liquor cabinet locked in case Pudge decides she'd like another show...

  10. you are a hoot courtney! glad their surgeries went well - I'm sure that was stressful for you & justin.
    hopefully jace's tolerance builds up before his milestone birthday. ;)

  11. I love your blog! We love our pediatrician as well, we see Dr. winburn an think that she is wonderful!


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