Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Angry

So, please forgive the nature of this post.

First and foremost, let me say that ANY PROJECT or ACT that defends a persecuted group of society is a noble one.  Recently, the number of teenagers committing suicide after enduring taunts related to their sexuality is heartbreaking.  Public awareness is being raised and celebrity support is being inspired and expressed and I think it's great.  I hope it leads to dramatic social reform and acts of mercy for children who are targeted and attacked for circumstances beyond their control.

But, in the meantime, shut UP about Dan Savage.  I can fully celebrate the spirit and intention of his "It Gets Better" project, but I cannot celebrate that man as the epitome of social compassion and political correctness.

The number of times he employs the term "retard" in his syndicated column is disgusting.  For a delightful taste of his work and perspective, go ahead and view this blog post.  This post, in no way employs the term "retard" as a generic piece of slang.  To make sure you understand the group he's referring to, Mr. Savage follows the use of the term immediately with a visual depiction of individuals with Down syndrome.

I hope things get better for the teenagers struggling with their own identity and daily suffering through social persecution as they do.  But things will NOT get better for MY children if highly celebrated public figures are allowed to use one side of their mouths to rally support for the oppressed and the other side of their mouths to sling insults at an even more defenseless group.

Hooray and hallelujah for those rising up to defend ANY PERSON enduring social discrimination, labeling or chronic underestimation.

But you'll forgive me for sitting on my hands during any rounds of applause directed at Mr. Savage.  It's the only way I can be sure the fingers with which I'd prefer to salute him are held at bay.


  1. i have never heard of this person. why is he popular?

  2. Well Said Courtney- I'm sharing on FB. Thanks for taking the time to put it so concisely.

  3. Well said. It's ridiculous how he's been hero-ized by the media.

  4. wow... that is disgusting. Makes me very angry as well.

  5. Blargh. I am a HUGE gay advocate.

    But I cannot get behind someone who crushes the other group I care so desperately about.

    I am not on the Dan Savage train.

    I can't be.

    Because I respect my gay friends.

    and I respect my kids with cognitive disabilities.

    I don't pick one. I do BOTH. Those are my two causes.

    But if someone is going to support one and demean the other?

    They're not on my team. Equal respect for all human beings. How can he speak out against gay slurs and still drop the r word?

    BLARGH. Anger. GRRR


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