Friday, January 21, 2011

Playdate Disaster in Pictures

This morning I was SO excited for Jace.  Little did he know, it was his first official playdate with our sweet buddy, Brett!!!
We've had lots of buddies over to play with LC in the past, but Jace has always participated as the third wheel.  Today was finally HIS chance to be the host!

We were off to an encouraging start when Jace greeted his buddy with a welcome noogie.

LC was shocked when she came out of her room to see ANOTHER little boy in the house.

She agreed he was cute and everything...

...but ONLY on the condition that this situation was TEMPORARY.

I couldn't WAIT for Brett and Jace to get a chance to spend time together.  Brett is a jolly little bean and never offered to cry.  He just smiled and babbled and cooed.  He loved interacting with both LC and Jace so I KNEW they were going to hit it off.

And they absolutely did.

Right up until...

...Brett let her rip with an excited squeal.

And Jace.  Came.  UNDONE.

I am not talking sad...or jealous.  I am talking "my mom is running that @#$%^ vacuum cleaner" scared out of his MIND.

And the next 20 minutes of our play date looked like this.

With Jace clinging desperately to my back and wailing everytime Brett let out a squeak or a coo.

I finally called Justin in to TAKE our neurotic son into the next room to calm down.  A few moments later, Justin called me to come check on Jace.  "It kind of sounds like he's hiccuping?  But...I don't think so..."


My wackadoo son was HYPERVENTILATING.  My huge son, who is IMMENSE in comparison with all of his same-age baby class peers and looks like the Baby Huey of the group, was hyperventilating from fear of the happy baby noises Brett was making.

How do you even seek treatment for that?

"Doctor?  My son is terrified by the sounds of cute happiness."


So, we're going to need to start exposing Jace to a little more social peer time, apparently.  Although, that may be a trick, since today's behavior certainly won't move him to the top of anyone's "Invite THAT Kid Back" playdate list.

Thanks for being patient with us today, Brett...
...I don't know that weird can be cured.  But, if it CAN, it will be your cute that does it.

Oh, PLEASE come again, soon!!!


  1. I can relate! Addy does NOT do well with anyone that is laughing loudly, crying, screaming, getting in trouble etc. They should get along fabulously!

  2. So, I had to go back and read about the demon vacuum cleaner and I laughed so hard I almost hyperventilated myself. Mostly because I HAD that baby. The "OMG it's the satan vac now i have to scream uncontrollably until i pass out from exhaustion" baby. My husband had to take her away from the house so I could vacuum and god forbid she heard it start as they left or still going when they came back. She would glare at me suspiciously as if she was sur I was performing human sacrifices(probably baby ones) while she was gone.

  3. That is hilarious! Your kids crack me up - LC's face was priceless when she entered the room! I can't believe he hyperventilated - priceless!

  4. hahaha I love reading your blog, it makes me smile! My little boy Carter is the one screaming at playdates to make the other babies cry! I can so relate!

  5. Arina is the same way! She doesn't like any kind of laughing or squealing! Poor Jace!!

  6. Sutter LOVES the vacuum but turn on the hair clippers and he instantly starts to cry and hyperventilate just like Jace did with Brett! Silly boys!

    LC's pig-tales are by far the cutest thing EVER...she rocks those piggies like no one I've ever seen!

  7. I came here tonight after having a rough day with my own kids...seeing the pics of these beautiful little ones made me smile!!! Oh they are so precious!!!

  8. I feel for you... Sheridan was always the same way. Other kids send him over the edge. But it does get better with time :)

  9. I seriously can't stand to look at that picture of Jace's sad face, sweet little one : ( Dylan has a sad face, too, and it makes me cry every. single. time...

    ((Hugs Jace))

  10. This post brings to mind another recent post about LC's lack of any type of communication noises. That explains a little of why Jace was so nervous :)


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