Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Heart Day, Pudge!

Happy SECOND Heart Day, Pudgie!
Two years ago today, we handed you over to have your heart reconstructed...and to get the first real taste of what you're made of.

We knew how magnificent you were...but were completely unaware of how mighty.

Since that day in February, we have watched you tackle more than five surgeries, ambulance rides, feeding tubes, casts, stitches and too many nights spent in hospital beds.

And, while we've lost count of the number of medical procedures you've had, we can probably count on one hand the ones you've endured without that trademark grin on your face.

You're more than we could have hoped for...

...and far more than we deserve.
Well, actually...maybe your dad deserves you.  I heard he has some pretty ornery college years to answer for.

Happy Heart Day, Pudger.

If we tried to love you more, we'd need heart surgeries of our own to accomplish it.


  1. Us too, happy heart day LC we LOVE you!

  2. Happy Heart Day Pudge!

    Posted my most favorite picture ever of Miss P. Those little crossed feet just do me in!

  3. What a sweet post (literally) to carry Valentines Day on just a little longer. Pudge sounds like she's made of steel and now a very strong heart:)

  4. Cutest chocolatey face ever. We love you too, Pudge!

  5. Happy Heart Day Pudge! What I wouldn't give for a sweet sticky hug from you right now.


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