Thursday, February 10, 2011

Potty Diaries: Entry #2

I've updated Pudge's Potty Diaries with a new entry.

To view the February 10th entry, just scroll down the page until you see the new date and heading.  For LC's diary I'm updating at the bottom of the page, rather than the top, so it's easier to read chronologically.

Thanks for stopping in to cheer her on...


  1. I love your blog,some days it is the best laugh of my day :) my daughter was born 13 weeeks premature,when it came time to potty train her I bought her the fanciest,snaziest pink potty we could find with hopes she would take off...Not so much,she HATED that thing,finally I went to walmart and bought a cheap pink and green froggy potty and we never had a problem agaain!as soon as she liked the froggy and used it consistently she didnt care what kind of potty it was.Maybe somehow the red potty upsets her?

  2. Have you considered something like this:

    or this:

    instead of a potty. I found absolute success with these as opposed to a little potty. It made sense to my toddler make potty where mommy makes potty and the handles on the little seat gave her a sense of security!

    Good luck little LC!! You can do it!!

    PS/ those little panties are adorable

  3. I love the update! One was she dancing on the table by the mirror if she is so afraid of heights? I do hope your plan works though!!!! Good luck!!!!

  4. Love the potty pants! We let Meredith put her own potty together. She took the bottom of her dora potty chair & paired it with her diego toilet insert. Voila! Instant Dora Diego potty. She hasn't looked back.


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