Thursday, August 25, 2011


The Biggs is sick.  Sick, sick, sick. 
After hanging out at a temperature of 102 for three days, a more aggressive plan of action is being taken.

Looks like Biggs is suffering from an allergy-induced sinus infection and some croup to boot.

So today...for the first time...the Biggs is taking steroids.

I've repeatedly said that Biggie is 4 pounds of kid and 25 pounds of overdramatic emotional response, so Mr. Mood Swing on steroids is going to be quite a treat, I'm sure.

He's less concerned about the emotional repercussions and keeps questioning the impact the 'roids will have on the pitch of his voice and the size of his junk.  (He's read the warnings about this sort of thing.)

I've tried to reassure him that two doses aren't going to have any lasting effects, but he's demanding I play Johnny Cash music at all times and measure his genitals at the top of every hour. 

I'm pretty sure bathtime with LC puts him more at risk for genital-reduction than his current prescription, but...whatever it takes to keep the patient happy...

Healthiest wishes to you and yours...


  1. oh, that is such a pitiful face! hope he's feeling better by now!

  2. Come on Biggie snap outta it, LC needs help getting into trouble with food coloring some more :)

  3. Poor Sweet Boy!!!!

    You crack me right up!!!! Honestly - this is my most favorite blog to visit on a down day!!! You and yours bring SMILES!!! Thank you!!!!

  4. CRACKING UP at your post. I mean, feeling bad for your sick little man, but cracking up at the steroid repercussions.


  5. I think it is a good thing you have such a wonderful sense of humor, those two cuties seem to keep you on your toes :) Poor Biggs, I hope you don't see any nasty 'roid rages!!

  6. I'm laughing so hard! Biggs hang in there! And mom, you are just so funny.

  7. Hope Jace is feeling better soon! Those darn allergies are pretty hard on little peeps.

  8. Oh Biggie! I hope you feel better soon....Keep an eye on that Mommy. We Mommies are awful tricky sometimes. I'm sure that if she says that you only have to take two doses, two doses it will be and that you will make it through them without any aspect of your blossoming manhood changing! Hopefully we can all say the same about your emotional stability when it's all over (and your mama's sanity too!)

  9. Oh- I hate that he's still sick. I'll just look at the smiling Biggs pictures on the sidebar. Poor lil lamb....May Johnny Cash heal you- he always does me.
    Ps- please don't use the steroids to take on LC- she might swipe them in the night in an act of revenge...

  10. Protect your junk Biggs!!!! LOL--I am sorry Biggs is feeling so terrible but this post is HYSTERICAL!!!! Thanks...Love your sense of humor!!
    Sunnie in NC

  11. Poor Biggie!! I hope he starts to feel better's no fun to have sick kiddos.

  12. just got caught up with all the news over there. You crack me up. Always an adventure! I hope Biggs is feeling better by now. J.Cash and measurements haha you really do kill me!


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