Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey, Uncle Joshua...

Thanks again for those bathtub crayons.

Especially the blue one.

Biggie Goat thought it was delicious.

Serving Time... the time out bucket.

Rest assured, she deserved the sentence.

But, it IS a handy photo for emailing when I want Justin to hurry home from work...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cuttin' A Rug...

Just a typical Sunday evening with LC...rippin' it up to some of her favorite tunes...

(The best part is watching LC's eyes when she's spinning to the Backyardigans number...)

For those interested, LC is dancing to a song from her Choo Choo Soul can find it here on iTunes. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cosmetic Neglect

Today, Jace and his dad went to the ol' Wal-Mart hair salon (at my insistence) while Pudge and I were grocery shopping.

Clearly, the boy was done wrong.

We're going to need to take this facial expression out of your repertoire for a bit.

No need to act the dweeb, Biggs.

That haircut is speaking for itself.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Karaoke is Tough...

...when you can't talk. But I think he covers for it nicely...

Just Walkin' Around...

'Cause he's big like that.

Adding to Biggie's Dating Pool

Lately, the Biggs is getting the cold shoulder from the two sweeties he's had his eye on in baby class.  Frankly, I can't blame them.  I mean, he is a little over the top in his shameless mooning over them.  The physically drooling has become a bit much.  And, really, there's only so much encouragement you can throw at a lovestruck fella when you're sitting on your dad's lap in music time.  So, he was delighted to learn that his circle of sweeties is about to grow by one...

We were so incredibly blessed to have known a family exactly as long as we've known LC.

The Cannon family's daughter, Alayna, was born with Down syndrome the day before LC and placed in the same NICU.  Since then, they have quickly become some of our dearest friends and...quite

So you can imagine our thrill and delight when they announced their decision to add to their crew by adopting internationally to bring home a toddler with Down syndrome...

Adoptions from Eastern Europe are no small undertaking and we're so inspired by their faith and courage in crossing an ocean to gather up one of the 'least of these'.  We're also giddy with anticipation for completely selfish reasons...I cannot wait to see her smiling up from the arms of her adoring family...I cannot wait for her to experience the amazing life transformation that is waiting for her in a house that's practically down the street from my own.

But, the BEST news is...there are reasons for YOU to be excited, TOO!  There are lots of goodies to be had for those making tax-deductible donations to bring this pigeon home.  So, check out these exciting giveaways to benefit the Cannon family's adoption and enter yourself into a chance to win some incredible prizes...

First, visit the Cannon's blog and check out their iPad giveaway...along with other prizes that are worth entering multiple times for...AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

And then...up your odds of winning something incredibly great by visiting the blog of our generous-hearted friend, Miss Sarah Marie...she's doing multiple drawings and you do not want to miss this girl's talent.  She has already repeatedly spoiled the squibs and we'd LOVE to see you have the opportunity to be spoiled, too!

Please enter multiple times and pass the word on to your'll be helping an incredible family AND increasing your own chances at winning some impressive loot!  That's a win-win situation if I ever heard of one.

And, Biggs has promised that...if things work out with the Ukrainian princess...anyone who donates multiple times gets to set at the head table at their nuptual event.  Now WHO is gonna say no to THAT???

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Biggie's Gal Tuesday

The squibs have seven therapy sessions on Tuesday and the first one is physical therapy for the Biggs at our house on Tuesday mornings.

Jace's physical therapist, Miss Angie, is no Mary Poppins.  She's sweet as a peach, but she puts her hour with our boy to good use.

Jace has a strict "no knees touch the ground" policy that Miss Angie refuses to acknowledge or respect.

So, their first exercises together force the Biggs out of his usual bottom scoot mode of transportation and into all fours.

He's not the most enthusiastic...

...or inspiring client on Miss Angie's caseload, I'm sure.

After crawling practice, Biggie and Miss Angie play a little game of roll catch...

...and she finally lets him show his walking stuff with the hula hoop.

Yep, that Miss Angie really gives Biggie's muscles a workout.

Especially that one that beats under the scar on his chest.

Monday, February 21, 2011

An Important Addition... the list of Things LC Can Do That You Should Remember When You're Frisking Rooms for Items that Can Cause Disastrous Messes.

#137.  LC can open Ziploc bags.

And...because someone will ask...

...the blue shorts?

They're Biggie's swim trunks.

LC's been carrying them around all day.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Know What I Love?

I love spending time with delicious friends.

I especially love spending time with deliciously talented friends.

And when those unspeakably talented friends I love...

take pictures of a pudge I love...

bouncing with another little girl I love...

...well, really...i can't think of anything much happier than that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sorry, Daddy.

I have been under the weather with a sinus infection lately and fallen behind in my emailing, computery business, etc.

So, as LC was playing with her puzzles...less than 5 feet away...I took a moment to catch up on some email reading...

...when I was interrupted with the sound of loud, dramatic, and passionately heart-felt, "Mmmmmmmmmm's".

I turned my head to find...

Daddy left his Valentine chocolates a little too close to the edge of the kitchen table.

And LC's cheeks looked like a chipmunk.  She knew she was munching on borrowed time and had to sample as many as she could before Mom looked to her left.

She made some impressive progress...

...and Daddy's chocolates have been thoroughly sampled.

She got the usual consequence and a "Wait until your father comes home..." for her active pursuit of naughtiness...

...but she seems to be pretty confident that he'll find it in his heart to forgive her.

Happy Heart Day, Pudge!

Happy SECOND Heart Day, Pudgie!
Two years ago today, we handed you over to have your heart reconstructed...and to get the first real taste of what you're made of.

We knew how magnificent you were...but were completely unaware of how mighty.

Since that day in February, we have watched you tackle more than five surgeries, ambulance rides, feeding tubes, casts, stitches and too many nights spent in hospital beds.

And, while we've lost count of the number of medical procedures you've had, we can probably count on one hand the ones you've endured without that trademark grin on your face.

You're more than we could have hoped for...

...and far more than we deserve.
Well, actually...maybe your dad deserves you.  I heard he has some pretty ornery college years to answer for.

Happy Heart Day, Pudger.

If we tried to love you more, we'd need heart surgeries of our own to accomplish it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where's the BABY?

Just the other day...I'm sure it was JUST the other day...I set this tubby lump down in my living room.

So, who is that KID cruising down the hall???

I was completely unprepared for his reaction to this evening's Glee episode.

Usually, it's LC's hips that are shaking in spellbound wonder.

But Jace has declared he wants to abandon the mohawk and grow out his hair.

He told me no more onesies.  Only hoodies.

And, from now on, he's only answering to Little Biggie Bieber.


They just grow up so fast.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nobody Does It Better...

NOBODY is better at Valentine's Day than Justin.


I accepted defeat from our first Valentine's Day together eight years ago.  Every year he completely surprises me.  And EVERY year I end up looking like a complete schmuck.

Clearly, the secret to successful gifting is knowing your target. 

Case in point...

Squib valentines...immediately showered upon them as the conquering hero walked through the door this evening.

Pudge was gifted with chocolates and sour heart candies and...

...a musical card blaring the tune "I Want Candy"...

...that immediately had her dancing out of her pants.

And, for the Biggs?

Yup.  It's a Happy Birthday card....

...AND it's upside down...

...AND you're NOT getting it away from him.  He's had a white knuckle grip on that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse card since he pulled it out of the envelope.

But the mark of a TRUE Valentine-gifting aficionado?

For Biggie's sweet treat?

An unopened pack of bright red tissue paper.

The man is GOOD, ladies and gentlemen.

He outdoes me EVERY year.

And every year...

...I'm the happiest loser you ever saw.
love tastes like bread crusts that i eat first so when she waddles over to beg a bite it comes from the soft, squishy middle.

Valentine Intentions...

I had every intention of posting something pink, frilly and Valentinalicious to celebrate the day.

But Monday began by discovering that LC had dirty pants...

...and then discovering that LC can remove her diaper without removing her footie pajamas...

...and then discovering that LC's been eating too much fruit.

Those footies went straight to the trash.  You've served us well, monkey pajamas, and I'm sorry to see you go.  But cleaning THAT up on a Monday just isn't happening.

I hoped to post some Valentine squib shots.

But the teething Biggs is currently in a state of Tylenol-induced delirium.

And my other talent wasn't cooperating.

So, this year's Valentine is...


Working on Fruit Explosion...the Sequel...

...while squatting by a dirty kleenex.

I'm not anticipating any copyright request calls from Hallmark.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Cute Stuff They Do I Don't Wanna Forget...

Jace is digging life as a vertical squib lately.  He's still a way off from walking independently, but he's starting to get this standing independently thing figured out.

The BEST part about Jace standing independently is that, as soon as he pulls himself to standing in the middle of the room (usually using my leg) he goes straight from sitting to waved-arm, shrieking celebration of himself.
(This would, obviously, be a better illustration via video, but I lost the hardware I need to download videos, so we're without videoing capabilities for the time being...)

You just gotta love that enthusiasm.

Of course, there are also recent Jace behaviors that we'd rather forget.

I suppose this segment of the post is more aptly titled, "Why Roobie Hates the Baby". 

Jace's latest fetish? 

Catching Roobie...
(who never even ATTEMPTS to run...)

...pulling her close...

...and biting the dickens out of her face and head.

So far, she's taken it in true Roobie fashion, with rarely more than a whimper or yelp before an adult savior delivers her from Biggie's frantic clutches.

But, I'm pretty sure... far as Roobie's concerned...

...this kid's cute has done worn OFF.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Overdue for a Day OFF.

I don't have children who are post-sleep screamers.

When each of my children awakens from their sleep, they let me know by having loud conversations with themselves.  It's always a rather cheerful sound and one I generally look forward to hearing.

So, this afternoon, when the silence of sleeping squibs was broken by frantic wailing, I knew to come running.

And today...behind door number two...I found the Biggs.


And rolling around in an impressive pool of blood.

If you meet Jace in person, one of the first things to strike you will probably be his pretty blue eyes.

But a close second will be his MASSIVE tongue.  This boy can lick his chest clean without even slightly lowering his head.

Turns out his mouth has a couple other shiny new occupants.

That are pretty darn sharp.

And the parties had quite an unpleasant meeting this afternoon during nap time.

The pearly white troops on the top AND the bottom decided to attack that meaty little tongue of Biggs.

And they got him good.

Once he'd settled down a bit, I comforted him by appealing to his testosterone and documenting his battle scars.

He'll be all right.  The little tongue lesions actually pair nicely with the head bashing he gave himself earlier in the day.

I'm not gonna lie.

It's been a long week, folks.

But, on the plus side, ice cream for supper has never sounded more justifiable.