Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tactile Color Pages

No time for conversation...the squibs and I are headed out to enjoy some sunshine.

Someone asked me to post this so they could pin it.  Happy to help.
It's super simple and won't need much explanation from me.

For a recent prewriting activity, I modified some color pages with hot glue to provide further tactile information for the coloring squib about where the lines were.

Freebie sheet from the internet + hot glue.  Simple.

Biggs is in the earliest stages of prewriting, so we're really just focusing on vertical and horizontal lines.

This is his page o' fun.

Markers + hot glue + plain paper.  Presto.

Helpful glue guides to keep markers and crayons from going out of control.

As all things squib are wont to do.

Happy Writing!


  1. LOVE it!!!! Did you laminate these or are they one time use items?

    Looks like I need to get a hot glue gun.

  2. We used to do this were I worked to help kids stay in the lines when coloring too.


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