Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Much Snow

We finally received enough snow to warrant the task of bundling the squibs for a venture outside.  Today marks the first day I've had two walkers able to conquer the winter abyss, so I was eager to see if Biggie's tolerance of the white stuff would be higher than it was last year, now that he can move through the snow on his feet and stay high and dry.

Dressing for the snow is no small endeavor...especially with two toddlers who wrestle their way out of every diaper change.  But, everyone knows that a toddler who is truly loved must look like a bloated starfish before leaving the house when snow is on the ground, so I gathered the necessary articles of squibwear and got down to business.

To keep everyone snug and dry, I wrestled the squibs into
two pairs of footie pajamas
two pairs of socks
two pairs of snowpants
two zipped fleece sweatshirts
two sets of ziploc bags for feet
two pairs of boots
two sets of ziploc bags for hands
two pairs of mittens
two earflap hats
two winter coats
and snapped up two hoods.

We waddled out into the yard and after two seconds...

which quickly became...

I thought he might be too warm and annoyed by the difficulty of moving like a human pillow, so I stripped him of a few layers.

It looked like the solution.

It wasn't.

So, we delivered Biggs from the snowy land of rage by plopping him back into the playroom.

Pudge made quite sure, however, that I knew of her intentions to remain outside.

Since a sliding glass door separates our playroom from the backyard and I was able to keep both temperatures of squibs in sight, I let her stay outside.

She was in a snowy paradise.

She played everywhere she usually does in snowless conditions, but also took advantage of the weather and whipped up a batch of snowballs.

This required lots of careful measuring and stirring...

She said they were of her best batches.

I'm afraid Biggie was unavailable to sample the snowy wonders... he'll just have to take Pudge's word for it.


  1. It looks like so much fun, but I am happy to be some where warm!

  2. Oh Pudge you had enough fun for the both of you. He will join you one of these years.

  3. Ahhhh....the pics of Biggie not enjoying the sad! My oldest didn't like snow until he was almost 7! We haven't had enough snow this year yet to see if Hailey likes it. Love the pics of Pudge enjoying it!

  4. As always, thanks for the laugh of the day. Your children are precious!


  5. Biggie and that lip is just priceless! (The first picture)
    What a sweet post. I just want to hug them both to pieces!

  6. Your posts always makes me smile. Love it!!! :)


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