Monday, March 5, 2012

Cold Remedy: Squib Style

We're sick.


All of us.


We're blaming Daddy.  He brought this plague into our house two weeks ago.  He missed three days of work.  It was warranted.

It's yickety stuff.

The squibs have heads full of gunk and chests slowly filling with gunk and diapers full-to-exploding-with-the-effects-of-antibiotics gunk.

So we've been indulging in one of our favorite cold remedies.

Long eucalyptus oil baths and tub painting.

First, we shut the bathroom door and run a warm, steamy bath.

We add a few drops of eucalyptus oil and let the vapor do its stuff.

And, while we're clearing our sinuses, we have some wild and crazy play time.

We make tub paints using a bottle of baby shampoo from the dollar store.  We add a few drops of food coloring to give us different colors to work with.

Then, we grab different sizes and textures of paintbrushes and have at it.

Biggie tends to prefer fingerpainting...

...but Pudge is all about the brushes.

Our "paints" don't stain the tub or the squibs and rinse off, easy-peasy, with a squirt of the showerhead or a swipe of a washcloth.

It's a happy way to diversify the sensory experience of tub time and work some fine motor/prewriting skills in while we clear our snot-tortured heads.

Here's to friendly cold remedies and a week of easier breathing...we've crossed every finger we've got...


  1. That tub painting sure looks like fun! Feel better everybody! :)

  2. Feel better!

    Nikki - blog design to support special needs orphans in India!

  3. Poor squibs. I hope they feel better soon.

  4. Looks like fun! Sending healing thoughts your way

  5. They sure are cute for being yickity sick. Hope you're breathing freely and feeling better soon! xoxo

  6. That is so fun! I've done it with shaving cream, which is very fun until someone gets it in their eyes.

  7. These are lovely photos of fun. Sorry they are sick though. My two cents for cold remedies are over the counter vitamin C tablets. When my two kids were 2 years and 5 years old, I started tried it. I finally stumbled on such a simple remedy, rather than all the fussy stuff and antibiotics, and it actually worked - immediately. My eldest had Down syndrome, and I just wish I had started using it when she was 2. They now both have 1 each day, and 2 if they are starting to get watery. It really works. XX

  8. Is there room for me in the tub? I am still hacking my head off and my lungs up. I'll bring Vick's and cigarettes LOL

  9. Pudge and Ollie are rocking the same profile...chubalicious!


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