Friday, March 16, 2012

iPhone Friday and CSTDIDWF

Justin took this picture on a recent roadtrip.  We were on hour number five and Biggs was melting down.

Biggs' favorite self-calming strategy is running his thumb up and down my arm.  If I don't offer it, he'll reach over and nearly yank it from my shoulder socket.

So this is how we finished that trip.  Pretty sure I still have the pattern of Biggie's carseat fabric imprinted on the left side of my face.


  1. Fun times! Guess you won't be planning any car trips to the beach anytime soon.

  2. wow. i've driven with a screaming charlie a number of times and the only thing i could do was feed him a bottle while driving. i thought my arm was going to fall off.

  3. Oh...I've had to ride like that with Hailey before she had her open heart surgery...and with my middle child for his first 2 years. Maybe he will outgrow it!


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