Monday, March 19, 2012

Poor Roobie.

First, a confession.  We've not attempted Pudge's big girl bed, due to a hacking cough that wakes her repeatedly in the night.  And fear.  A whole lot of fear.  But we'll let you know when we get crazy enough to give it a go.  On with today's adventures...

Our Shih-Tzu, Roobie, hates thunderstorms.

Our other dog, Barney, used to hate them until he went stone-cold deaf.

Now, he sleeps through the day regardless of the weather.

Roobie is paralyzed by thunderstorms.

She must huddle in our bathroom, quaking with fear, until sun breaks through the clouds again.

The forecast is calling for three straight days of rain.

Roobie's in for a long haul.

And, I'm afraid, her thunderstorm marathon got off to a shaky start.

It's my fault, entirely.

I'm used to the bathroom door being shut.

I'd forgotten I left it open a bit for Roobie to lurk inside.

The sight of the shut door didn't cause me any alarm.

Until I heard a little squib's voice echoing off the bathroom walls.

Never, never, never leave a squib behind a shut door.

I know the rule, Roobie.

And I'm very sorry.

I've stopped wondering what exactly motivates Pudge's actions.

I can give you no explanation, Roobie.

I like to think Pudge's attempts at mummification were well-intentioned.  A means of squib comfort.

I know.  We both know better.

Never have a pair of brown puppy dog eyes so clearly said,
"For the love of God.  Discipline this child."

We're workin' on it, Roobie.

We're workin' on it.


  1. Poor Roobie! And yet...big tears well in my eyes! Too funny!

  2. Awwwww! Poor Roobie! Gotta say, as adorable as she looks "mummified," I feel for the pooch being subjected to Pudge's whims (however well intentioned they may have been on her part, LOL)...

  3. Oh Roobie! I have eerily similar photos of Ellie and our cat Amelia. . . someone (being me) forgot to shut the bathroom door. What is it with kiddos and TP?

  4. Thunder Jacket! Solves thunderstorm problems. Try petsmart!

  5. You need to take all these wonderful "adventures" and put them into a book; publish it as "inspiration for parenting". I know I'd buy a copy for myself, as well as half a dozen for other parents who would read it whenever they needed a smile or chuckle. :) I do hope Roobie recovered from her almost-mummification; she looks like a good sport!

  6. Poor Roobie!! Those eyes look so sad!

  7. poor roobie. my dog is ok with thunder as long as it's not excessive, but he absolutely hates firewroks. it helps him a little if we give him benadryl pills. check with your vet for dosage and hide it in some peanut butter or lunchmeat. this may help some. this is why i hate the 4th of july and every night near it. aunt susan

  8. Awww...poor thing! Those eyes are pitiful! You have to is absolutely adorable (but that is coming from someone who didn't have to clean it up!).

  9. i was stopping by just to see how pudge was doing. i don't blame you on the bed. rachel will be in her crib until she learns how to climb out of it, i think.

  10. oh roobie, our tillie can relate. you look like twins separated at birth. maybe you can convince your owners to let us send tillie your way, so you can at least commiserate together???

  11. So funny! Poor puppy! No Worries about the big girl bed you will get there when the time comes. Take your time. I know I always do. Probably too much time but all works out in the end! What a sweet post!


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