Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sickest of the Sick...

We've all had the yuck lately...first Dad.  Then Biggs.  Pudge was third and, by far, the overachiever of the group.

Her lungs are full of gunk.

Her head is full of gunk.

She's two pounds lighter than she was two weeks ago.

She's hacking her little brains out of yesterday...eating nothing (ice cream included) and riding the vomit train.

So, it was back to the pediatrician this morning.  (That's the fourth trip in nine days, for those keeping track).

Shame on me for not remembering Pudge's usual response to getting sick.

Luckily, our Dr. Winburn didn't forget.

And, sure enough, LC's throat and the roof of her mouth are covered in big blisters.

We decided not to mess with oral meds this time around and Pudge came home covered in band-aids.

Get better soon, Pudge.

I don't know how many more viewings of Gnomeo and Juliet I can take.


  1. Addison has been down for two weeks too...and two pounds lighter. Thankfully we seem to be on the other side now. GET WELL SOON Pudge! Hope everyone is still able to get some sleep.

  2. Get better soon, cutie patootie!

  3. Hoping todays shots did the trick and you are gunk free in no time. Hugs and smoochies buddy, We love you!

  4. I hope Pudge is feeling better quickly! (And even sick, she is the cutest little girl!)

  5. Poor little thing! Left you some blog love today. And I think there are about 85 new fans of Pudge and Biggie as of yesterday.

  6. BOO! So sorry you're sick Pudge! I hope The Gunk packs up and moves on soon. If looking good is a step toward feeling good, you're on your way! xoxo

  7. Aw, she's so cute - love that little grin!

    Feel better soon, kiddo! Hugs :)

  8. Oh, poor girlie! And poor mama for taking care of those sickies. Hoping those meds do the trick and she can pack all those pounds back on. For a girl with Pudge as a nickname she doesn't have much to lose... :(

  9. Hope she's better soon. She is the most beautiful sick little girl I've seen!

  10. Oh i hate to hear this. Feel better Sweet Potato!

  11. Oh, poor baby! And yet, she smiles! So adorable! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  12. Hope she feels as good as her picture looks -- adorable!!


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