Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ice in May

Oh, it happens. 

In fact, Pudge is treading on quite a thin layer of it right now.

That is the family size box of Froot Loops I purchased over the weekend.

There are parts of our playroom that are buried under a good inch of those artifically flavored demons.

I'd threaten her with "Wait until your father gets home", but ten bucks says Justin will learn of the latest demolition and sigh, "Thank God it wasn't my Lucky Charms".


  1. Glad it isn't just me. Mary dumped a whole box of cherrios on the counter the other day. A counter she had dumped her milk onto. A few days before that she dumped a bag full of fishie crackers under the carpeted dinning room table.

  2. Too funny... my kitchen floor had a similar experience with Honey Nut Cheerios just last week.
    Adventures in parenthood are never boring!

  3. I can send Dariya and our dogs over they will have them eaten up in no time! LOL

  4. Oh My....and I thought Jesenia was bad for dropping about 12 on the floor.

  5. The thought of her and Sutter alone together scares me! :)

  6. I had to laugh at what you think Justin's response will be! I'm partial to Lucky Charms :-)
    Pudge is certainly on a roll this week, isn't she?

  7. No sympathy for you, Pudge! What a waste of yummy Froot Loops! (But very funny!)

  8. oh, pudge. you are so little, yet so troublesome.

  9. don't you just love kids lol


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